The fastest internet connection available in the world today is fibre broadband!


The name « Fibre » comes from the use of fibre optic cables that are made from glass or plastic cables allowing for extremely fast data transfer that does not get compromised over distances like the standard copper wires which are used in regular broadband connections.

It’s practically the same as standard broadband connections you’ll find across the country, only offering much higher speeds. You do not need any special equipment or new computers, it’s the connection that changes, not how you access it, making it really easy to use.



The obvious advantage of fibre optic broadband is the increase in speed, letting you watch videos, browse pages and play games faster than ever. But just how quick is the service?

Fibre is 100x faster than ADSL, reaching speeds in excess of 100Mbps. The high speed you get from Fibre allows you to do many internet related activities simultaneously. Imagine, the kids playing online video games, while dad is watching his favourite series on Netflix, while your teenage daughter is skyping her friends and surfing Facebook, while you search for next month’s family getaway to the bush and checking your emails… ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
Yes,it is possible, no more frustration, no more waiting, no more kids crying, everyone happy! Once you experience it, there’s no going back!



Depending on how many people are using the same internet connection will determine if you need fibre or not. Take into consideration what you all use the internet connection for or how it is used. So if you just check your emails from time to time and do the odd search or shopping online, then your current connection would probably be enough. If however you know that you and your household cannot go without using your internet connection for downloading large quantities of data across various devices for things like live-streaming TV apps like Netflix, skyping or video calling etc. then fibre is definitely for you!

For many of you who work from home, Fibre can definitely you give peace of mind if you rely heavily on a stable, fast internet connection for a living.



Budget is definitely a consideration when thinking of upgrading to fibre. Besides the standard installation fee to get fibre to your home from the fibre network, monthly fibre packages start from only R499.

Fibrehoods works together with resident’s associations as well as directly with private individuals to provide a community led deployment of a fibre network. To help get fibre to an area, a minimum of interested residents need to show their interest to get the fibre network installed in their area. From there Fibrehoods facilitates the connection process once the infrastructure has been completed.

We offer an open access network, meaning you are not forced to use one Internet Service Provider (ISP), we partner with all of them, giving you the power to choose!
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Fibrehoods first builds a fibre backbone infrastructure, providing fibre to the curb to all residents within the area. From this fibre backbone, fibre will be aerially run into resident’s homes using the existing city power infrastructure. This process will entail installing a device in your home together with running Fibre, from a pole in the street directly into an appropriate location in your home.

The standard drop for a standard installation is an aerial drop of up to 50 metres from the nearest fibre pole, to the roof of the property, down a conduit and to an access point.

A customised installation may be necessary if a client requests that the fibre cable be installed differently such as in conduits along a wall or where additional poles need to be placed in the property etc. A qualified technician will come and do a site survey to determine the most suitable route into your house, once you have chosen your ISP.
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Unfortunately fibre optic broadband is not yet available everywhere. This is where Fibrehoods comes in. We want to provide fibre infrastructures to as many areas as possible in the Gauteng area and have already done so in over 27 suburbs. For suburbs that do not yet have fibre, pop us a mail to show your interest! Get your neighbours to send through their interest requests and let’s get fibre to your hood now !

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Fibrehoods’ offering is even better than traditional fibre providers. Fibrehoods provides aerial Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH). This means that we use existing City Power infrastructure, making our fibre cheaper to install, quicker to deploy, easier to maintain and safer for the environment.


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If you live within one of the existing Fibrehoods connected areas you can get fibre now!  If you are eligible, Fibrehoods will start the process within 24 hours!