On-demand TV….Isn’t that just TV?

Remember the days when you sat and waited for your programme to start? Remember when you would run to get something to eat when the ad breaks came on? Remember waiting months to see what was going to happen in the next season and then not quite remembering what had happened at the end of the last season so feeling a little lost?

Thanks to the wonders of on-demand TV, none of that applies to the way we view movies and series anymore. On-demand TV such as Netflix and Showmax has resulted in us being able to download and stream movies and series whenever we want to. And we can pause the TV when we want to so no getting into the starter blocks in preparation of the next ad break.

However all of this would not be possible if we still relied on copper cables to connect us to the great wide web. Fibre optic network cables have opened up a whole new world of entertainment which can be viewed in a few minutes because of the super-fast speeds.

Fibrehoods high-speed internet is so quick that you can start watching a movie in a few minutes – just enough time to grab the bag of chips and get comfy on the couch.