What is the difference between download & upload?

With all internet packages, providers talk about download and upload speeds. But what is the difference between these two? And what do they mean?

Firstly line speed is offered in mega bits per second or Mbps – the higher the number the quicker the line. Fibrehoods offers 100Mbps which is very quick when you consider that most ADSL lines are only 4Mbps.

Download is when you take something off the internet, through streaming or downloading, such as movies, songs, games etc. Often this is where you need the speed as the faster your download speed the quicker you can watch that new blockbuster or listen to the latest Taylor Swift release.

When we talk about upload, that is the process of putting information up on the internet such as sharing that cute cat video with your friends, putting up photos on Instagram of your latest exotic holiday or sending documents via email. So the faster the upload speed, the faster you can get all that information up on the internet.

So, in short, if you want to watch that movie NOW, get a super-fast download speed and if you want to send big files off quickly, make sure your upload speed is not in the single digits.