Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fibrehoods offer?

Fibrehoods works together with residents’ associations to provide a community led deployment of a fibre network which provides public space security cameras to residents, as well as high speed internet services.

What are the benefits of using a Fibre network?

Internet Services:
Fibrehoods residents will receive internet services up to 25x faster than existing services.

How is the Fibrehood network installed?

Fibrehoods will deploy an open access, aerial fibre network, running off existing infrastructure in the suburb. The advantages of running an aerial network is the speed in which we can deploy, as well as the reduced costs of deploying the network, allowing much higher speed internet, with line rental fees lower than that of much slower services provided by the incumbent operator.

This aerial approach ensures we will not be required to undertake a lengthy trenching process where we would dig up your driveway.

How do I run fibre to my home?

A fibre will be connected into your home, directly from the closest adjoining fibre running in your street.

Can I keep my existing service provider?

Open Access means all Internet Service Providers that wish to make use of the fibre infrastructure will have the ability to do so. This will mean, should you wish to continue with your existing internet package from your current provider, all you will need to do is switch to the Fibrehood Network. In order for a service provider to make use of the fibre infrastructure, each service provider will have to sign agreements with Fibrehoods, we are in the process of adding more service providers in the near future.

Why fibre?

Fibre provides faster, more reliable internet services to residents. Copper internet services degrade over distances, while wi-fi type services degrade with increased usage. These higher speeds of internet services future-proof your home, allowing for a wide variety of services such as higher speed downloads, video on demand and video conferencing in line with that of overseas households.